Rabbi Pesach Siegel

Rabbi Pesach Siegel was highly active in Torah Umesorah Project Seed for six years before making aliyah. The countless devoted talmidim who call him regularly, despite the years that have passed since they studied under him, bear testimony to his caring nature and wise advice. Rabbi Siegel currently serves as a maggid shiur in Yeshivas Tiferet in Yerushalem's Bayit Vegan.
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Hear with Your Eyes Devarim 15 min
Yona Introduction Sefer Yonah 40 min
Yona Perek1 Posuk1 Sefer Yonah 50 min
Yona Perek1 Posuk12 Sefer Yonah 55 min
Yona Perek1 Posuk3 Sefer Yonah 54 min
Yona Perek1 Posuk7 Sefer Yonah 59 min
Yona Perek2 Posuk1 Sefer Yonah 54 min
Yona Perek2 Posuk11 Sefer Yonah 45 min
Yona Perek2 Posuk3 Sefer Yonah 46 min
Yona Perek2 Posuk6 Sefer Yonah 54 min
Yona Perek3 Posuk4 Sefer Yonah 54 min
Yona Perek3 Posuk7 Sefer Yonah 52 min
Yona Perek4 Posuk1 Sefer Yonah 51 min
Yona Perek4 Posuk4 Sefer Yonah 52 min
Yona Perek4 Posuk8 Sefer Yonah 49 min
Ruth Introduction Sefer Rus 40 min
Ruth Perek1 Posuk1 Sefer Rus 47 min
Ruth Perek1 Posuk13 Sefer Rus 38 min
Ruth Perek1 Posuk18 Sefer Rus 44 min
Ruth Perek1 Posuk3 Sefer Rus 47 min
Ruth Perek1 Posuk8 Sefer Rus 44 min
Ruth Perek2 Posuk1 Sefer Rus 53 min
Ruth Perek2 Posuk12 Sefer Rus 39 min
Ruth Perek2 Posuk19 Sefer Rus 40 min
Ruth Perek2 Posuk7 Sefer Rus 45 min