Rabbi Binyomin Friedman

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman

Rabbi, Congregation Ariel
Atlanta, GA

Rabbi Binyomin Friedman is a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota. As a child Rabbi Friedman attended day school in Minneapolis and Hebrew Theological High School in Skokie, Il. Two years into the University of Minnesota, Rabbi Friedman decided to go to Israel to get some answers. He ended up studying in Yeshiva in Israel for four years. Rabbi Friedman continued his Yeshiva career for eight more years at the Ner Israel Rabbinical College in Baltimore where he received his Rabbinic Ordination. In Baltimore he also met His wife Dena.

In 1987 the Friedmans joined a group of young couples who founded the Atlanta Scholars Kollel. Rabbi Friedman teaches lively Lunch and Learns at a variety of locations around Atlanta, as well as evening classes in the Kollel Dome. As one of the original founding families of ASK, the Friedmans arrived in Atlanta in 1987. In 1993 classes being taught by Rabbi Friedman in Dunwoody morphed into Congregation Ariel. One year later Rabbi Friedman became Rabbi of Cong. Ariel of Dunwoody a position he holds to this day.

The Friedmans are blessed with five children and thank G-d many grandchildren.


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