Rabbi Aaron Feldman

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Difference Between Noach and Avraham Lech Lecha 32 min
Chesed and Avraham Vayeira 27 min
Bamidbar 5774 Bamidbar 23 min
Tisha B'Av 5773 Tisha B'Av 55 min
The Avoda of Elul Rosh Hashanah 26 min
Shekalim - Being mvatel ourselves to ratzon Hashem Purim 24 min
The Survival of Klal Yisroel Depends on Our Yeshivos Purim 17 min
Rally In Honor Of Shabbos - Part 1 Shabbos 7 min
Rally In Honor Of Shabbos - Part 2 Shabbos 3 min
49 ways at which the Torah can be aquired Mussar 29 min
Elul-Shofar Mussar 27 min
Kiruv Training Mussar 27 min
Pesach 5774 - Why Full Hallel on First Days - Discussion on Lechem Oni Mussar 27 min
Purim 5774 - Pidyon of Shekolim - Explanation of True Empowerment Mussar 24 min
Rabbi Aaron Feldman - 2008 Torah Umesorah Convention Torah Umesorah Convention 24 min
Stop the Talking in Shul Mussar 2 min
Tznius, A Jew And His Inner Being Machshava 25 min
What We Learn From The Akeidah Bitachon 30 min
Baltimore Men's Evening of Chizuk Likras Yomim Noraim 9-10-14 Chizuk 90 min
Profiles of Faith Interview Religion 27 min
Neo-Chassidus Chassidus 24 min
02 Asifa for Technology Awareness - Rabbi Aaron Feldman Parenting 17 min
Meaning of Yom Kippur Davening 30 min
Rosh Hashana Davening Davening 21 min
Tefillas Aleinu Davening 25 min