Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Breitowitz's scope of knowledge, brilliance, as well as a unique ability to grasp complicated material and communicate it clearly to others is legendary. Rabbi Breitowitz received his bachelor of arts from Johns Hopkins University and obtained semicha from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and shortly thereafter became the Rav of the Silver Spring Woodside Shule in Silver Spring Maryland while maintaining status as a tenured professor at the University of Maryland School of Law. Rabbi Breitowitz and his wife currently reside in Eretz Yisroel and is a rav in Oh Sameach in Yerushalyim. He has published widely on Jewish law and ethics.
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60 Jewish Weddings, Kabbalah, Shabtai Zvi, Ramchal, Tania, Arizal and Vilna Gaon, Tallis and Tefillin, Rabbi Nachman (Breslov Philisophy), Uman Questions and Answers 40 min
61 Talmidei Chachamim(Kol Ha'torah), Angel(Parshat Balak),Rabbis, Chazal, Sheirut Leumi, Electricity, Rabbi Solevetchik, Tzedaka From Irreligios, Amei Ha'aretz, Limbs From the Torah, Parah Adumah Questions and Answers 50 min
62 Rabbeinu Tam Teffilin, Moment of Death, Palestinians, Pre-Emptive Strike, Chodash, Zchus, Shabtai Tzvi, Physical Pleasure and Spirituality, Rodfim, Prevention of Aid to Gaza, Concentration in Davening, Emotionality vs Spirituality, Pidyon Haben Questions and Answers 60 min
64 Gemarah (Form/Editing), Kadish, Bilam, Paras/Madai, Striking the Rock, Bnei Yisrael-Mezaneh, Korbanos, Mashiach, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, Contradicting Mishnaiyos, Dati Leumi, Rashi Questions and Answers 43 min
65 Yehoshua Bin Nun, 3 Weeks, Jewish Behavior, Mashiach, Extra Terrestrial Life, Rebuilding Beis Hamikdash Questions and Answers 39 min
66 Conversion, Pinchas, Venus fly trap, Gender Reassignment, Agunah, Working with Pigs, Extra-terrestrial life, Complementing the Bride, Weddings, Csav Ashuris, Making Decisions, Don't steal or Kidnap, Chofetz Chaim Questions and Answers 53 min
67 Different aspects of Shmeitah, Rewards for Parental Guidance, Kibud Av Va'eim after death Questions and Answers 37 min
68 Gaza War, Three weeks, War of Expansion, Torah Students going to War, Islam, Safety, Peace with Arabs, Rishonim/Poskim, Gog-Umagog, Neutering animals, Ramchal/End of days Questions and Answers 46 min
69 Kashrus (Medicine), Batul B'rov, Derivative products, Minhagim, Pikuach Nefesh, Music in 3 Weeks, Fasting, Prosthetic limbs Questions and Answers 33 min
70 Moshiach (Sefer Daniel prophecy), Pilegesh, Mamzeirus, Kavonah, Gezira of Rosh Hashanah (Chvos Halvavos), Talmid Chochom Questions and Answers 43 min
71 Moshiach(Sefer Daniel prophecy), Pilegesh, Mamzeirus, Pilegesh(Two wives/Rabbeinu Gershom takanah's), Kavonnah, Gezira of Rosh Hashanah(Chvos Halvavos), Talmid Chochom, Questions and Answers 43 min
71 Moshiach, IDF Policy (Kidnappings), Beis Hamikdash, Emunah, Bitachon (Learning), Tefillah Questions and Answers 44 min
72 Ten Commandments, Hashem Speaking, Netziv, Sim Shalom, Consuming Blood, Shabbos Davening, Leaving Davening Early, Cheese Questions and Answers 47 min
73 Burial/Cremation, Bris Milah, Law of the Land, Tzedakah, Covering Liquids, Takanah's nowadays, Chalav Yisroel, Luchos, Meditation, Benefitting from others Questions and Answers 44 min
74 Zohar, Tehillim, Rashi, Shnaim Mikrah, Adam, Cham's Sin, Torah Addressing all Questions, Geneiva, Yichud Questions and Answers 41 min
75 Question and Answer Questions and Answers 39 min
76 Satan, Sefer Torah, Savaraaim (Chasimas, Hashas), Hilchos Dash, Evolution, Sefardim/Ashkenazim, Child Marriage Questions and Answers 43 min
77 Dreams, Shnaim Mikrah, Kabalah, Haneshama, Chareidim, Kashrus, Kodesh Hakodshim, Baal Shem Tov, Tania, Reshaim, Hashkafa, Psychological Disorders in Religion Questions and Answers 47 min
78 Israel (Terrorist policy), Rambam (Moshiach), R' Akivah (Bar Cochvah), Moshiach Ben Yosef, Shabbos, Oneg Shabbos, Purim, Chanukah, Tachanun, Learning Chumash, Filo/Josephus Questions and Answers 46 min
80 Questions 1 Questions and Answers 8 min
81 Questions2 Questions and Answers 9 min
82 Questions3 Questions and Answers 8 min
83 Questions4 Questions and Answers 9 min
84 Questions5 Questions and Answers 8 min
85 Questions6 Questions and Answers 9 min