Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Breitowitz's scope of knowledge, brilliance, as well as a unique ability to grasp complicated material and communicate it clearly to others is legendary. Rabbi Breitowitz received his bachelor of arts from Johns Hopkins University and obtained semicha from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and shortly thereafter became the Rav of the Silver Spring Woodside Shule in Silver Spring Maryland while maintaining status as a tenured professor at the University of Maryland School of Law. Rabbi Breitowitz and his wife currently reside in Eretz Yisroel and is a rav in Oh Sameach in Yerushalyim. He has published widely on Jewish law and ethics.
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Introduction to Aguna Problem (Mayanot 5776) Divorce 99 min
Plight Of The Aguna 1-28-01 Divorce 72 min
Prenuptial Agreements and Aguna (Mayanot 5776) Divorce 84 min
The Plight of the Aguna revisited Divorce 74 min
Two Unrelated Discussions - Unreasonable Risk, Aspects of Jewish Divorce Law (Mayanot 5776) Divorce 88 min
Short Talk on Tefillah Tefilla 20 min
Tefillin and Prayer, Brachot (JLE 2015) Tefilla 42 min
Birkas HaMazon 1 (Center 5776) Brachos 43 min
Birkas HaMazon 2 (Center 5776) Brachos 41 min
Birkat HaMazon and Chanuka 1 (OU Minchas Chinuch 5776) Brachos 69 min
Conclusion of Maayn Hameora on Chanuka - Tefillas Arvis Reshut (OU 5776) Brachos 50 min
Hallel 5-10-98_a Hallel 94 min
Hallel 5-10-98_b Hallel 94 min
Hallel 5-17-98 Hallel 94 min
Hallel 5-3-98 Hallel 94 min
M'ein Shalosh and Chanukah (2015) Brachos 26 min
Tefillah 10-29 Davening 125 min
Tefillah Text Davening 62 min
The Power Of Tefillah 08-07-98 Davening 63 min
Womens Davening 04-23-95 Davening 94 min
Womens Davening 05-07-95 Davening 94 min
Yud Gimel Middos Rachamim Davening 93 min
01 - Yom Hatzmeut Jewish History 61 min
01 Hashkafic History in Modern Times Jewish History 56 min
02 - Intro to 19th Century Yeshiva History and Haskala, Reform Jewish History 66 min