Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Rabbi Breitowitz's scope of knowledge, brilliance, as well as a unique ability to grasp complicated material and communicate it clearly to others is legendary. Rabbi Breitowitz received his bachelor of arts from Johns Hopkins University and obtained semicha from Ner Israel Rabbinical College. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School and shortly thereafter became the Rav of the Silver Spring Woodside Shule in Silver Spring Maryland while maintaining status as a tenured professor at the University of Maryland School of Law. Rabbi Breitowitz and his wife currently reside in Eretz Yisroel and is a rav in Oh Sameach in Yerushalyim. He has published widely on Jewish law and ethics.
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26 Minchas Chinuch Taryag Mitzvos 43 min
27 Minchas Chinuch Taryag Mitzvos 30 min
28 Minchas Chinuch Taryag Mitzvos 39 min
29 Minchas Chinuch Taryag Mitzvos 42 min
Assisted Reproduction 1 (Mayanot) Medical Halacha 92 min
Assisted Reproduction 2 (Mayanot) Medical Halacha 87 min
Background Heter Mechira Taryag Mitzvos 43 min
Cloning - 1 Of 4 Medical Halacha 31 min
Cloning - 2 Of 4 Medical Halacha 31 min
Cloning - 3 Of 4 Medical Halacha 31 min
Cloning - 4 Of 4 Medical Halacha 31 min
Confidentiality Medical Halacha 60 min
Conflicts between Religion and Science Medical Halacha 53 min
Egg donation and surrogacy (Mayanot 5776) Medical Halacha 91 min
Egg Donation, Surrogacy , Cloning (Mayanot 5776) Medical Halacha 104 min
End of Life Decisionmaking (Chabad National Retreat 2015) Medical Halacha 60 min
Fertility Technologies in Halacha Medical Halacha 55 min
Fertility Technology and Stem Cell Retrieval (Mayanot 5776) Medical Halacha 90 min
Followup Discussion on Medical Ethics (Chabad National Retreat 2015) Medical Halacha 47 min
Genetic Screening and Stem Cell Research 5775 - Cowan group Medical Halacha 63 min
Halachic Analysis of Pidyon Haben Taryag Mitzvos 28 min
Halachic Issues 2014 Contemporary Halacha 52 min
Heter Mechira Taryag Mitzvos 43 min
Hilchos Shemitta Taryag Mitzvos 56 min
Jewish Medical Ethics-Euthansia and The Right To Die(Cassette) Medical Halacha 80 min